Efficient vehicle management.

Fully digitized not complicated.

No more complicated spreadsheets and outdated, overpriced software. Cynatix Fleet is your state-of-the-art solution for efficient fleet management. Whether it's vehicle tracking, driving behavior, consumption, CO2 balance, vehicle diagnostics or the key figures of your fleet – with Cynatix Fleet you have everything under control.

Customers who trust us and our solutions

Whether a company fleet or a camper ‒

The right solution for everyone

  • GPS live tracking
  • Real mileage
  • Automated check with tank level and tank billing
  • Route tracking and stop time recording
  • Driving behavior hard braking and fast acceleration
  • User management (roles & permissions)
Company car
Company fleet
Camper van
Heavy machinery
Cynatix Fleet & Cynatix Driver

Real-time efficiency, maximum privacy, absolute control – our Fleet and Driver Apps!

Our exclusive Fleet App offers fleet managers effortless control on the move – real-time tracking, geofencing and route reports increase efficiency. Your employees benefit from privacy: with one click in the Driver App, they can deactivate vehicle tracking outside working hours. This keeps control of location and route history in their hands. Welcome to a new level of flexibility and data protection – the evolution in fleet management!

The right solution for your company without compromise

All Cynatix Fleet benefits at a glance:

Real-time tracking of the vehicle fleet

Locate your vehicles 24/7

Route tracking and stop time recording

Exact arrival times, digital timesheets

Archiving the route history

Statistical survey of the vehicle fleet and data export (CSV, EXCEL)

Automated comparison with tank level and tank billing

Fuel card integration for a continuous overview of refueling behavior and costs

Automated vehicle management with geofencing

Notification when the vehicle enters or leaves defined areas

Transparent prices, no hidden costs

Hardware and software, warranty services and customer service – all included

From a free initial consultation to expert support

With our Cynatix all-round service, we also offer you the following benefits:

  • How to save time in everyday fleet operations
  • How to keep costs transparent and analyze them
  • How to uncover fuel fraud
  • How to improve the utilization of your vehicles
  • And more!

Easy installation, no workshop required


After ordering, you will receive a package including our devices.


You create your vehicle so that the device ID is linked to your vehicle.

Plug in

No complex installation is required. All you have to do is connect our device to your vehicle's OBD2 port.

Start driving

That's all you need. You can set off immediately.

The right one for every vehicle type and application

With Cynatix Fleet, you can transparently and reliably calculate costs in advance – with no hidden additional costs and no surprises. Hardware and software, warranty services and customer service – all included.


The quick start to vehicle tracking

per vehicle / month
GDPR-compliant, secure data storage in our data center in Germany
Plug & Play OBD2 connector1 incl. SIM card & EU-wide data volume2
Free shipping
Live tracking every 45 seconds
Driving history & stops
Virtual mileage
Data archiving for 1 year
Vehicle statistics
Support by e-mail
most popular


Professional fleet management in real time

per vehicle / month
All the functions of Basic plus:
Live tracking every 30 seconds
Data archiving for 2 years
Data export (CSV, EXCEL)
Geofencing & notifications
Real mileage & tank level3,4
Support by e-mail


Professional fleet management with powerful functions

per vehicle / month
All the functions of Advance plus:
Live tracking every 10 seconds
Data archiving for 3 years
Management of vehicle groups
User management (roles & authorizations)
Error codes3,4
Engine indicator light status3,4
Support by e-mail
Optional: Automated fuel card control plus €1.99 per vehicle5

All prices are based on an annual payment in advance and are subject to VAT.

  • 1 Hardware on loan free of charge. No hardware purchase required.
  • 2SIM card supports all EU countries and many other countries.
  • 3 Supported data scope may vary depending on the vehicle.
  • 4 All vehicles (cars, EVs, trucks, vans) with an OBD2 interface are supported, except trucks over 3.5 tons.
  • 5 The „Fuel card control“ option is processed optionally after your purchase. The option can only be booked for ULTIMATE.

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