GPS vehicle tracking and management

for transport & logistics

Cynatix Fleet Management helps you to organize workflows efficiently and reliably and automate everyday processes such as route planning and fuel card control so that you can focus on what really matters: delivering goods to your customers on time.

Key benefits for transport & logistics

With Cynatix you can manage your fleet optimally and have full control

Improved planning of vehicle operations

Fuel savings & optimum utilization

Digitization & KPI management

Technical monitoring of your fleet

Sustainability & environmental friendliness

Ready to start & strong growth

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Fleet management with sustainability and efficiency

Logistics companies have to deal with the challenge of staff shortages and rising CO2 emissions. Cynatix Fleet Management offers a solution to combine efficiency and sustainability. By optimizing fleet management, companies can cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time. Get ready for an environmentally friendly future with Cynatix Fleet Management.

Security and transparency for your transports

Security and transparency for your transports are very important in the logistics and forwarding industry. Our GPS tracking and vehicle monitoring offer real-time tracking and enable seamless tracking of goods. This minimizes the risk of theft and loss. At the same time, you receive important data for optimizing routes and reducing unnecessary costs.

Efficient logistics thanks to GPS tracking and fleet management

Efficient fleet management is essential in the logistics and transport industry. Cynatix GPS tracking enables real-time tracking of vehicles and goods so that you can maintain an overview at all times and increase productivity. This saves time and costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Ready to go without installation costs

Für ambulante Pflegedienste ist es wichtig, dass die Fahrzeuge jederzeit betriebsbereit sind. Durch den einfachen Anschluss an die OBD2-Schnittstelle Ihres Autos sparen Sie sich die hohen Kosten und den Aufwand eines festen Einbaus in der Werkstatt. So bleiben Ihre Fahrzeuge einsatzbereit.

Early detection of vehicle problems

With Cynatix's OBD2 technology system, you can be sure that you are always on the safe side when it comes to the technical condition of your vehicle fleet. Our system reads the condition of the vehicles at regular intervals to detect potential faults at an early stage. In this way, major defects, higher repair costs and unexpected breakdowns can be avoided. Cynatix enables you to effectively monitor the condition of your vehicles and act quickly to schedule maintenance and repair appointments.

Security and data protection without compromise

Cynatix uses a highly developed security architecture to protect your vehicles and your personal data. Your data is always protected against attacks and all servers used are located exclusively in Germany. In this way, we create security and trust for you and your employees in terms of the protection of personal data.

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With our Cynatix all-round service, we also offer you the following benefits:

  • How to save time in everyday fleet operations
  • How to keep and analyze costs transparently
  • How to uncover fuel fraud
  • How to improve the utilization of your vehicles
  • And more!
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