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Cynatix offers a fully digitized and intelligent solution for managing your fleet. With our comprehensive features, you can reduce fleet costs, increase vehicle uptime and boost efficiency. With Cynatix, getting started with digitalization is effortless: your fleet remains intact, safe and available at all times.

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Live GPS tracking of your vehicles

You can see the current location of your vehicles on a clear map. You also have a list of all your vehicles. You can easily search for a specific vehicle using the filter function or search field.

Vehicle diagnostics

Thanks to OBD2 technology, you are always on the safe side. Cynatix uses OBD2 technology to read out the technical condition of your vehicles at regular intervals. This allows you to detect possible faults at an early stage and arrange appointments with your workshop in good time. By reading out the error code, you can prevent major defects, higher repair costs and unexpected breakdowns.

Fuel card control

Manually checking fuel bills is a thing of the past. Automated fuel card control saves you time and money by checking every refueling transaction for discrepancies. By comparing the current fuel level with the vehicle's fuel bill, our system can flag any suspicious activity for you. This means you no longer have to manually check every fuel transaction, only those that don't match.

Reports & fleet KPIs

Reports are essential for managing your vehicle fleet. Reports can be generated and downloaded daily, monthly, yearly or for user-defined time periods on routes driven and stops made. These reports contain the necessary information such as time stamps and total distance traveled for the selected period. We also show you important key data in a dashboard such as the current utilization, most driven vehicles, routes and times of day as well as the average trip length for your fleet.


We notify you of desired events. The geofencing function is a 'digital fence' that allows you to mark and name specific areas on the map. You will receive a notification with a time when a vehicle enters, leaves, starts or even moves in one of the activated areas.

The right one for every vehicle type and application

With Cynatix Fleet, you can transparently and reliably calculate costs in advance – with no hidden additional costs and no surprises. Hardware and software, warranty services and customer service – all included.


The quick start to vehicle tracking

per vehicle / month
GDPR-compliant, secure data storage in our data center in Germany
Plug & Play OBD2 connector1 incl. SIM card & EU-wide data volume2
Free shipping
Live tracking every 45 seconds
Driving history & stops
Virtual mileage
Data archiving for 1 year
Vehicle statistics
Support by e-mail
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Professional fleet management in real time

per vehicle / month
All the functions of Basic plus:
Live tracking every 30 seconds
Data archiving for 2 years
Data export (CSV, EXCEL)
Geofencing & notifications
Real mileage & tank level3,4
Support by e-mail


Professional fleet management with powerful functions

per vehicle / month
All the functions of Advance plus:
Live tracking every 10 seconds
Data archiving for 3 years
Management of vehicle groups
User management (roles & authorizations)
Error codes3,4
Engine indicator light status3,4
Support by e-mail
Optional: Automated fuel card control plus €1.99 per vehicle5

All prices are based on an annual payment in advance and are subject to VAT.

  • 1 Hardware on loan free of charge. No hardware purchase required.
  • 2SIM card supports all EU countries and many other countries.
  • 3 Supported data scope may vary depending on the vehicle.
  • 4 All vehicles (cars, EVs, trucks, vans) with an OBD2 interface are supported, except trucks over 3.5 tons.
  • 5 The „Fuel card control“ option is processed optionally after your purchase. The option can only be booked for ULTIMATE.
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