GPS vehicle tracking and vehicle management

for e-fleets

With the Cynatix Fleet Management Platform, you have full control of your e-fleet – from cost analyses to real-time tracking of your vehicles and route optimization.

Key benefits for e-fleets

With Cynatix you can manage your fleet optimally and have full control

Improved planning of vehicle operations

Fuel savings & optimum utilization

Digitization & KPI management

Technical monitoring of your fleet

Sustainability & environmental friendliness

Ready to start & strong growth

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Cost optimization through efficient fleet management for e-car fleets

Cynatix fleet management can help reduce the operating costs of e-car fleets by providing information on charging stations and charging times, thus enabling efficient route planning. Maintenance costs can also be reduced through preventive maintenance measures.

Increasing efficiency through data-based fleet management

By analyzing data on vehicle usage and energy consumption, Cynatix Fleet Management can help to increase the efficiency of e-car fleets. Unnecessary journeys and empty runs can also be avoided.

Environmental friendliness and sustainability

The use of e-cars as part of a vehicle fleet is already more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles. Cynatix Fleet Management can help to ensure that the e-car fleet is used even more effectively and thus further reduce the environmental impact.

Increasing safety and improving the user experience for drivers

Cynatix Fleet Management can help to increase the safety of the e-car fleet, for example by analyzing driver behavior. By monitoring vehicle and charging status, Cynatix Fleet Management can help to improve the user experience for drivers of electric cars in the fleet. Maintenance and service problems can also be resolved more quickly.

Ready to go immediately without installation costs

Our Cynatix Car Dongle is simply plugged into the OBD2 interface of your vehicle and is ready to go immediately without any technical expertise. This saves you the high workshop costs of a permanent installation and time-consuming modifications to your vehicles. You can benefit from the advantages of GPS tracking quickly and easily.

Security and data protection without compromise

Cynatix uses a highly developed security architecture to protect your vehicles and your personal data. Your data is always protected against attacks and all servers used are located exclusively in Germany. In this way, we create security and trust for you and your employees in terms of the protection of personal data.

From a free initial consultation to expert support

With our Cynatix all-round service, we also offer you the following benefits:

  • How to save time in everyday fleet operations
  • How to keep and analyze costs transparently
  • How to uncover fuel fraud
  • How to improve the utilization of your vehicles
  • And more!
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