GPS vehicle tracking and vehicle management

for campers

Cynatix GPS tracking solutions offer campers a convenient way to monitor their vehicles to prevent theft, reduce costs, protect the environment and ensure a safe journey.

Key benefits for campers

Enjoy the freedom of travel with Cynatix

Theft protection

Fuel savings & optimum utilization

Digitization & KPI management

Technical monitoring of your fleet

Sustainability & environmental friendliness

Ready to start & strong growth

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No worries thanks to effective protection

Enjoy the freedom of traveling in your camper without having to worry about theft. Cynatix offers GPS tracking solutions to protect your camper van and prevent thieves from spoiling your vacation enjoyment. With our systems, you can relax and enjoy the best time of the year with your camper van without a care in the world. Let Cynatix take care of the theft protection while you concentrate on the adventure of your trip.

Review of the travel route

Cynatix offers campers the opportunity to analyze and track their routes. By saving the route they have traveled, campers can also track their itinerary retrospectively and use their experiences to plan their next trip. This is especially useful for those who like to discover new places and share their travel experiences with others. With Cynatix, you can record your trip and save it as a memory for the future to relive your adventures again and again.

Save costs and protect the environment at the same time

The Cynatix GPS tracking system offers campers the opportunity to reduce their travel costs by optimizing the route. This allows you to save fuel. Using the Cynatix GPS tracking system can also help to reduce CO2 emissions and thus minimize environmental impact. With Cynatix you can reduce your travel costs, protect the environment and travel safely.

Early detection of vehicle problems

With the OBD2 technology system from Cynatix, you are always on the safe side when it comes to the technical condition of your motorhome. The system reads out the condition of the vehicles at regular intervals in order to detect potential faults at an early stage. This helps to avoid higher repair costs and unexpected breakdowns. Cynatix enables you to effectively monitor the condition of your vehicles and act quickly to schedule maintenance and repair appointments.

Ready to go immediately without installation costs

Our Cynatix Car Dongle is simply plugged into the OBD2 interface of your vehicle and is ready to go immediately without any technical expertise. This saves you the high workshop costs of a permanent installation and time-consuming modifications to your vehicles. You can benefit from the advantages of GPS tracking quickly and easily.

Security and data protection without compromise

Cynatix uses a highly developed security architecture to protect your motorhome and your personal data. Your data is always processed in an attack-proof manner and all servers used are located exclusively in Germany. In this way, we create security and trust for you with regard to the protection of personal data.

From a free initial consultation to expert support

With our Cynatix all-round service, we also offer you the following benefits:

  • How to save time on your trip
  • How to keep costs transparent and analyze them
  • How to create safety for you and your vehicle
  • And more!
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