Real-time efficiency and sustainability with the Cynatix Fleet App!

With Cynatix Fleet App you can easily manage your fleet! Real-time tracking, geofencing for location notifications and route reporting improve efficiency. Proactive maintenance minimizes downtime, while data protection and asset management are guaranteed at all times. Welcome to the future of fleet management!

Route reports for download – Maximum overview!

Get deep insights into detailed route reports and vehicle utilization. See your fleet not only on a clear map, but also in a user-friendly list. Keep track of which driver is driving which vehicle, whether there are any error notifications, where the vehicle is currently located, whether it is parked or on the road – all in real time!

This data offers you invaluable potential for increasing the efficiency of your fleet. Use it to take action and make your operations even more seamless.

Vehicle tracking and details in real time – everywhere under control!

With the Cynatix Fleet App, you can keep an eye on your vehicle fleet at all times – regardless of your physical location. Track precise data on the locations and details of your vehicles in real time to ensure seamless coordination. This is not limited to specific vehicle types – whether combustion or electric vehicles, Cynatix Fleet offers a comprehensive solution for your entire fleet.

Alerts via app notification – always keep informed on the go!

Never miss important events again, even when you're not in the office. Benefit from the app notifications that you receive when vehicles enter certain areas, such as customer locations. This feature allows you to precisely optimize your customer communication, whether you are an Android or iPhone user.

Stay up to date and control your fleet management more efficiently than ever before.

Virtual Geofencing – Get informed everywhere!

With Cynatix Fleet App you have the ultimate control over your fleet! Create virtual fences and receive instant notifications when vehicles enter or leave locations. Geofencing ensures an efficient overview, anywhere and at any time.

Proactive maintenance and diagnostics – Avoid unnecessary downtime!

Using Cynatix Fleet, you receive early warnings about maintenance requirements and detailed diagnostic data. This gives you the opportunity to make appointments with your workshop at an early stage. In this way, you not only ensure optimum vehicle performance, but also reduce costs without having to waste a lot of time in the workshop.

Your fleet stays in top shape and your budget remains under control – all thanks to the preventive functions of Cynatix Fleet.

Data-based decisions and driver safety – at a glance in the dashboard!

Use the Cynatix Fleet App dashboard to make data-based decisions, promote driver safety and contribute to sustainability. Identify risks and implement targeted training to promote optimal driving behavior. Monitor not only the efficiency but also the carbon footprint of your fleet and make your fleet management sustainable.

Customized map view – perfect way to protect your privacy!

Customize the map view to suit your needs. Whether license plates, driver names or nicknames – your fleet, your view. Data protection is a top priority for us.

Account administration from anywhere – maximum flexibility!

Edit profiles, keep track of drivers, addresses and users – anytime, anywhere. Cynatix Fleet gives you control over your fleet whenever you need it.

No additional costs, unlimited number of users, GDPR-compliant!

Enjoy the app at no extra cost and use it with an unlimited number of users on any number of devices. Data protection is important to us – all data is stored in the German data center in compliance with the GDPR.

Our exclusive Cynatix Driver App – For maximum protection of employee privacy

Consider the privacy of your employees with our dedicated driver app. Easily disable vehicle tracking for personal trips – flexible and with just one click. This empowers your team to safeguard their personal activities outside working hours while enjoying the benefits of our user-friendly solution.

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