Cynatix Driver App:

Maximum privacy, absolute control!

Empower your employees to safeguard their privacy while retaining the benefits of vehicle tracking. A simple click is all it takes to deactivate vehicle tracking outside working hours. Your employees maintain full control over their location and route history, and reactivation only occurs when the driver chooses it.

Deactivate when it is private

Cynatix Driver App enables employees to deactivate vehicle tracking before private use. With a simple click in the app, vehicle tracking can be switched off outside working hours. Neither location nor route history are then visible, neither to fleet managers nor to the drivers themselves.

Seamless reactivation after private use

Tracking is only reactivated when the driver switches the vehicle tracking back on in the app – for complete transparency and control over the tracking status. Business and private journeys are shown in a clear list. Only business trips are recorded in detail: Start and stop times as well as start and arrival addresses can be viewed. This gives the driver the ability to know which data is visible to the fleet manager and which is not – for maximum data security and trust.

Individual vehicle selection: Maximum overview, individual vehicle insights

In our driver app, drivers navigate effortlessly through a clear list, selecting only the vehicles assigned to them from the entire fleet. They retain exclusive insight into their own journeys with a vehicle, while the journeys of other drivers with the same vehicle remain invisible to them. In this way, your drivers not only retain control over their routes, but also over their privacy – a maximum overview without compromising on data protection.

Route history in perfection: easy navigation, clear insights

The route history of your drivers is now archived in detail – a breeze to navigate between your own journeys. With a simple swipe to the left or right, your drivers can easily analyze their past routes. Trip duration, average speed and total kilometers are clearly presented. The clear distinction between private and business journeys makes it easy to view all relevant details. This means that your drivers not only retain control of their route, but also of their driving history.

Seamless driver changeover: efficient and stress-free

A smooth driver change is now a reality. With our driver app, the next driver has immediate insight into the vehicle's current location and can easily calculate the route to it. This seamless integration saves you as the fleet manager and your drivers valuable time and minimizes the stress around driver changes. This makes vehicle handover easier than ever before.

Access to Driver App without e-mail address

Easily generate invitation codes via our platform or the Cynatix Fleet App to grant employees access. You, as the fleet manager, remain in control: decide who can access which vehicles, when and to which vehicles. When drivers change, you can withdraw and distribute access rights in no time at all. In this way, you always retain maximum control over the use of your vehicle tracking system.

No additional costs, unlimited users, fully GDPR-compliant!

Enjoy the app at no extra cost and use it with an unlimited number of users on any number of devices. Data protection is important to us – all data is stored in the German data center in compliance with the GDPR.

Real-time efficiency and sustainability with the Cynatix Fleet App!

Cynatix Fleet App makes managing your fleet incredibly easy! Real-time tracking, geofencing for location notifications and route reports boost efficiency. Proactive maintenance minimizes downtime, while data protection and account management are guaranteed at all times. Welcome to the future of fleet management!

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